Gang stalking does not exist, Fight anxiety and paranoia, bad scents

Funky homeless person sitting right next to computer 22 at the library. Smells like sour, rotten, trash juice. Or mildewed clothes sitting out in the rain. Looked over at the timer on its computer and its nearly green. I wonder if something sets these things up just to annoy me. It happens throughout the day like its something constantly watching but never to inspire or encourage me, just agitate and bother me and try and distract me from thinking positively.

It’s like people be talking to each other. You see people sitting around, walking by and its all like theyre not even alive, but some simulation to bother me. How ironic. No one would know what I’m typing or the words that are popping into my head as I’m writing this…deep sigh with this mildew smell funk next to me and when i sghed this fcker jerks his head back like I’m just supposed to sit here and inhale this atrocious, ughI, I don’t even know what to call it.

After, hold on, let me finish this test for this application for this job I’m applying for at the grocery store…

Shit’s burning my nose, the stench as I’m trying to focus on this…I seriously hate homeless people. They carry arounf this funk, and I feel the library is nothing but a homeless shelter and I’m tired of the trains and big bargain stores, smelling other peoples funk and being around people that have no nothing about themselves. This stench is seriously burning my nose right now…why should this person sit here comfortably and just in the way causing this loud smell of broke bum dirtyness? So freaking annoying. Fcking. Thwen in my peripheal I cover my nose or whatever and he jersk his head back like his little get you back “power move” is smelling like that. I’m so tired of being around homeless people. And dont ever use the P word associated with a nobody that sleeps on the fucking streets smelling like sewer water. Ughhh, it makes you angry.

I dont give a about really why its smelling like that,. I just dont want that shit around me, because now its like as im writing this the smell got louder and you hear people around, like making hints at it or some….I just had to ask the librarian to come over to ask this dude to move his bag to the back of the desk or something, he came over and didnt “smell anything”, then its just here, smelling like that still, its aggravating….

Library closes in half an hour, need to brush my teeth and be ready for work tomorrow morning., Been a while since an entry and a lot of paranoia going on, but dont feed into that “gang stalking” nonsense or the voices or whoever, people cant watch just one person everywhere, people arent God, no one knows what youre thinking or feeling specifically internally. Otherwise everyone would be rich, no one would be homeless. So, eff that. Happy blogging.


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