It’s different now. Like I remind myself, I choose happiness. I choose positivity. I’m deciding today to only allow positivity and what or who uplifts me to be that. I will base my whole being on being who I am. It’s not about what anybody else thinks or feels especially if it’s not for my advancement. Can’t stay stuck feeling the same way doing the same things.

I wake up in the morning feeling like wow, like I don’t even feel like riding this train, I want to be far from any bums, or broke people. Guess what that brings more of to my life, better. A person out here on the streets who’s clearly out looking for trouble and you can’t say people not because while I’m sleep on the bus stop not even sitting up, two people came by talking to me. Obviously I’m freaking sleep. No, I don’t have any standing ass blue fetynal pills. Like that shit is so ugly. I’m not out here judging no damn body, I don’t want the shit around me or anybody that’s doing it cause it spells trouble, conflicts not being resolved, energy being wasted and the world is so much better not having to worry about the next person or what bullshit they plotting on next. No, no one cares they’re standing there. Take your ass to Hollywood if you want to be seen that bad!

But anyway, I’m totally over spilling out over the negative shit, it really is motivating me because I’m not out here looking for validation. I don’t need attention or to be seen by anyone. That’s a difference in everybody else and the streets. And frankly, I’m just over it. I know all I’m doing is being successful and that involves me, God, and what I care for.

So, I mean there’s no reason for me to feel shitty, or bitter, cause others out here miserable. That’s not my issue. I’m issue free. I’m not out here talking to no ghosts, I’m in my right mind, my own mind, and I don’t have dim my light, and I don’t, and nobody’s walking over tryna get a piece, bye, all this over here is all me all mine. Mfs wanna act so tough, go get a life, be happy. Get the fuck out my face, don’t talk to me, I don’t want no bum friends, I don’t give a fuck about people on the train. None of that.

Like, when the focus is on what’s really important, what’s not just fades away. I can enjoy peace and quiet. It’s not normal being outside all the time amongst people or things that don’t make you feel good.

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