Tired People, the Public, Fed Up With Everything

Ugh. I’m so disgusted and annoyed. And I wouldn’t even feel this way if I was already at home, relaxed, I have everything I need, peace and quiet, you know, how you be at home.

But being out here on the streets, you working on everything from, home, career and self, and in the meantime you gotta put up with all these other people out here who don’t have a clue of self and so all you feel attacked, all the time. Police, fighting, arguments, all that shit comes from low vibrational creatures and mfs out here who are lacking. Nobody who isn’t worried about if they have enough for parking are out on public transportation. So you out riding it and so these mfs be in competition with each other.

I already feel like I don’t fit in anywhere. And so since I’m sitting off by myself, you don’t see too much of that out here, outside on the streets and it’s like people want to bother that. You’ll see people just pop up out the blue and stand and lurk around you for no reason. They’ll try and come up with a stupid question, and there a bum, some blue pill smoking ass addict, tryna ask you for a cigarette.

I’m so tired of bums it’s like, they make me angry because, I’m sleeping at the bus stop and hear mfs the only ones walking around in the middle of th night. So my own issue is finances. So that being my only thing, I don’t give a fuck about who else is suffering out here on the streets because because he Freddy for other peoples energies. And these same ones that be out smoking and everybody feeling sorry for be the main ones causing stress and chaos and bullshit because they don’t know how to handle themselves. Just yesterday some stupid mexican bitch pushed a security guard into me after he asked me to leave cause this hit was yelling at ME talking about oh she defending Mexico. Now when she like oh let’s meet outside and I met her and this bitch still standing there talking shit, I could have been someone to really stick it to her. So now I gotta go to court next week to defend myself, like bitch you can’t get mad because you mad about what somebody saying about mexican. FUCK A GOTDAMN MEXCIAN.

They be out here talking shit tryna hurt people with words all the time, now all of sudden these wet back fuckers wanna get offensive? They don’t own this fucking country. They not the only ones who work or own businesses. They not the one true race, don’t nobody care about being no fucking mexicain , don’t nobody give a fuck about Mexico.

I’m saying that because I’m over on the west coast, Arizona. And so it’s mostly like interracial shit if you do see black peoples fucking with them. And it’s like they be tryna seem nice to seem like a a savior or nice group of people, when really they want to snag a black person to enslave them mentally and want all the others to see them.

These mfs don’t be NOBODY. Do you know how many people wish they were famous or could get noticed on Hollywood blvd? So nobody has time to entertain bums off the street. So the solution is to not be out here with them. They don’t have no fucking money, only bums come to the library, so you know it’s only bullshit here. And all the other places where broke, bum, basic mfs come to. Tired of being crowded by bums and they too fucking needy. Want somebody to look at them too bad. Don’t be having shit going on. At least in L.A. you got a couple dudes tryna sell knicks and knacks on the train, out here in Phoenix these mfs ain’t doing shit but smoking fucking pills. That shit stinks and it’s fucking ugly. So all it is is you surrounded by zombies unless you have a car. And these mfs got these lil part times, and ssi, and they tryna fill up the positions with just mexicans, so it’s nothing but bullshit all around.

It’s just annoying and then you be like fuck people because all they tryna do is make you feel low so it’s like, bitch you not my race, well fuck, you, fuck you. And so it’s like you got to beat them another way. They no smarter than nobody else. It ain’t nothing but negative energy out here and so it’s like, whatever whisper energy they on, and all that oh everybody supposed to know some secret code, and every head nodding and shit, bitch I’m not listening to no voices in nobody else head. That’s not my issue. And all they be doing is tryna spread they misery. How you gon be out here smoking heroin for 25 years then think yo logic putting up with somebody that’s not doing that. Then kids be tryna play smart but it’s like ok, you tryna read adult body movements, why you ain’t no child prodigy? Fuck that.

They sitting up here tryna act like witches and wizards and don’t have shit. Why feel like everybody talking about you? These mfs can’t fuck with you if you not around that shit they try to dish out. They can only try to be in competition with each other. They can’t get to no higher level. So me not fitting in out here, they like tryna target me because I seem like fresh pure meat. I’m not tryna be seen by them, I don’t need their validation or opinion and that’s what they be expecting. Then they see, oh you a tough black cookie, they wanna try to disarm you and play nice. Whole time you see the demon in they’re face. And I’m just tired of playing thee games. That’s why I don’t talk to nobody out here. And yet and still be running into issues with these fucking bums.

Bitch obviously yo ass ain’t get you no ride or got no rich dude pulling over to pick you up or order you no Uber to take you where you going. So don’t be tryna stand at the crosswalk tryna seem more seen than me cause you you still walking. And that’s all they be doing. They can’t reason logic because they’re stupid.

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