so you think you safe cause you act like them? They gon turn on you too, 666, red, voices, matrix, nobody

Everything is a game. Everybody in they spot to play and they better do it on cue. They pay you to bump into somebody else or say a word, but they gon turn on you too,

Type it for me, I’ll think it,

Show me magic

Don’t Waste Another Day | What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Coming to the close of another day. Yet the night is newborn alive. As I’m sitting here under an awning, sweating from walking miles, I’m like man, every day costs.

Last night I was reading on articles and empacted by the stories of how people are losing their lives. The two recent stories are sad, but real and it’s like wow, nobody really should be complaining. Life is precious and the grand suggestion is making every moment count for something because death could become real at any moment.

It’s stories like these that make you wonder who could this person have talked to before hand. There’s no erasing that. Instead of moping around really dedicate yourself to voicing who you are. Life is too short for excuses. I used to be shy, I was paranoid about sharing my experiences and my stories and as I’m out here adventuring and homeless, people are telling me stories, but it’s not surprising. And after all of that I’m like wow, how could anyone feel alone?

Currently, I’m out in a city where I’m probably the only black girl. Somewhere like Apache junction where the population is under 50k. It’s bums riding around here, but they’re looking at me like, I’m not homeless or something. Sometimes I forget what color I’m am, I have my shades on anyway.

But I ate today, the library is still open, there are petitions to close them, some shit seems like the twilight zone, like one thing happens and ironically that’s the title of the book but I can’t waste time on if that’s the universe sending me signs. I still have to make this $400 to get my car registered so I can get it out of tow and each day is double twenties. As minor as that sounds, who really has your back out here ? And I have to thank God because really that’s what it’s all about.

Im on a four hour walk tonight and the weather claims… hold on, 60% chance of showers overnight. No complaints but also short on cash, but if I run into a circle k hopefully someone won’t have an issue getting the coffee. I really despise having to ask for little things I want.

The moral of the entry is find your thing and do it. Be good to people, and share how good God has been to you. Even if you don’t think you have a personal relationship with God I promise God cares. Everybody goes through things that seem hard and make you sigh. That doesn’t mean quit. Sure I want my car out and I’m annoyed by paranoia, but you have to check yourself and push through. No blaming and accept responsibility. Find the good and grow off that.

Hey, you’re breathing.